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can`t find the meta description for my site in Google

Newbie here: just setup yoast SEO for my home page and can`t find the meta description in my search in Google.

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  • Paul Thompson: It will take some time for Google to recrawl and reindex the updates you`ve made. How long depends on the authority and crawl pattern for the site. You can try to speed things up a bit by also submitting the URL through the Google Search Console Fetch and Submit too, but it will still take up to several days to update in the SERPS.
  • Raghul Gandhi: Okay I will wait Paul.
  • Raghul Gandhi: My updates are Indexed.
  • Paul Thompson: Nice, Raghul!
  • Michael Martinez: And there is no guarantee Google will use your meta description.
  • Raghul Gandhi: What can I do?then
  • Srinath Rangaswamy: Check with Screaming Frog
  • Michael Martinez: Raghul Gandhi Write the best meta description you can, but expect Google to extract its own useful snippets from the content on your page (if there is any). Meta descriptions are optional. Google is flexible. It wants to display text from your page that is relevant to the searcher`s query, and you cannot anticipate what all the relevant queries will be with a single, short meta description.
  • Raghul Gandhi: Michael Martinez very well said.thanks
  • Raghul Gandhi: Michael Martinez let me wait and check whether google index it!
  • Raghul Gandhi: I am glad that my choices are accepted by Google and updated
  • Paul Thompson: The excellent point Michael was making though is that the meta-description Google will use may change depending on what search terms the visitor entered. So don`t be surprised or think there`s a problem when they happen.
  • Bonnie Burns: Takes time. Be sure you submitted page to google and be sure you have google search console set up and the xml site feed. Also note that google can use their own description in place of what you have. Give it a few days and check to see if it is indexed

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