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Brand name vs keywords in URL

Hi everyone, I`m new in here but I think I have a good starting question that will be a challenge.

When does the homepage title tag focus shift from trying to rank for keywords to incorporating the brand name first, and possibly some keywords in the title after brand name. From: Main Industry Keywords | Brand -> Brand | Main Industry Keywords

Client is in a competitive space, but not one that the average person is searching for -- it`s a manufacturer of big machines. Keyword search estimate for the main term is about 800. We have created pillar pages around the topics related to the main keywords, so those pages are utilizing the keywords in the title tag and we`re trying to keep those pillar page ranked in the highest search volumes.

My boss thinks that the homepage title tag should also utilize that main keyword at the beginning of the tag so SERP result will definitely tell the user what the site is about.

I think that we can incorporate the keyword into the tag, but at this point the brand name should be first in the homepage title tag so that we aren`t competing against ourselves to the ranking of the pillar page.

Any thoughts or articles supporting one side of the other is appreciated.
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