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A title for a 30 seconds video, anything better?

Hello, me and a few friends working on a small website. Its about 30 seconds videos, but we are too dumb to think of good tag or something like slogan. At the moment our title is "30 seconds video" but its waaay too short. Can someone give us some suggestions? Thank you!

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  • Nishant Desai: Short Videos, Big Moments..!
  • stefan ivanov: Sounds great! Thank you for the suggestion:)
  • Nishant Desai: you're welcome
  • W.E. Jonk: Besides the title you can give search engines more information about the video [1]. You can use the Videoobject [2] and you can use a special sitemap for video&#39;s [3]. ;<br /><br />[1] ;<br />[2] ;<br />[3] ;
  • stefan ivanov: Thanks for the feed back . I hope in future IF we get some videos it will come in handy, but now we have a few embed vids from Youtube:)
  • W.E. Jonk: I see but you can still use the video markups and video sitemaps.
  • stefan ivanov: Thanks again:) I&#39;m gonna work on it now :)
  • stefan ivanov: Hello  ; sorry for disturbing you again but i have one question about video sitemap. I created a new one only for videos, but when i submited it to webmaster tools it re-index my allready indexed pages. Should i add the video tags in my basic sitemap or its fine? thank you.
  • stefan ivanov: Here is a pic of my webmaster i think it would be more helpful ;<br />
  • W.E. Jonk: No a separate sitemap for video&#39;s would be fine and yes G will re-crawl your site. Not sure but I think if you added it to your main sitemap other search engines like Bing will see errors (I need to look into that so don&#39;t take my word for it).<br /><br />Furthermore you can add a line to the robots.txt to tell about the video sitemap (that is something I forget for time to time). Something like:<br /><br />Sitemap: 
  • stefan ivanov: Thanks a lot :)

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