Dumb SEO Questions

Dave Elliott

I live in High Wycombe, Bucks, UK and work as an SEO Specialist & Web Developer for BBI I love my hip-hop, football (soccer for you Americans, although I do love my shoulder pad rugby) computing and umm lots of things really.


1. Anyone know of a decent multilingual sitemap maker?

i don`t know how to use google, so thanks :D

Nah, that is fine guys, was hoping for a recommendation but accept that this is quite a rare situation, so not shocked no one has a go-to tool

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2. I feel like I have been penalized for even trying, and it`s frustrating. What can I do to change this situation?

Who is cosplay? Lol Tim Capper genuinely made me laugh, which probably wasn`t a good idea seeing as i was on the page at the time and people turned round!

Oh, well. Enjoy your vanilla ice cream guys! :D

One thing that hasn`t been mentioned in this is are you looking at ranks etc with safe search on or not? It isn`t porn by any stretch of the imagination but i`m not quite sure when festish/cosplay etc gets trashed from Google when in safe search.

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3. Do you think this is okay to publish two articles with the same keywords on diferent blogs? Probably even the same title?

I can`t see this being a problem with Google but it is going to be very difficult to test this as there are too many variables!.... as edwin is just saying basically.

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4. Canonicalisation vs 301.

yeah i meant the www vs no www mainly for the 301 side of things on the home page. And masatke seems to have it about right. Oh, youve moved on....never mind.

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