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Whole titles or part titles as anchor text

I have a site that I write lifestyle news. Inside the articles I place internal links to important categories with appropriate anchor text. Can I also use whole titles or part titles of relevant articles as anchor text (4+ words) inside the articles or its a bad practice?

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  • Stockbridge Truslow: Sure. Back in the old days, having the keywords in the anchor text was critical - and since your titles and category names are likely the keywords, that`s the way to go.

    Nowadays, there`s not as much importance placed on the words in the actual link as the importance of the relevance of the words in the link AND the text that is near the link. (i.e. the surrounding paragraph or that type of thing). So, not only link the titles and/or category names but make sure you`re talking "about" what they will see when they get there or what the commonalities between this page and that page are going to be and the links will have even more power.
  • Tim Capper: Not a problem to link to another article by full title or partial title.

    You may also want to consider adding a related article widget on blog that displays related articles already for users

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