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Pages that appear and disappear in SERP

Hello guys, I have some pages that appear and disappear in SERP. What could cause this inconsistency and how may I overcome it?

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  • Brenda Michelin: Google Search Console`s data from April is not valid. Too many glitches.
  • Ahmed Ibrahim: Thanks, Brenda
  • Neil Cheesman: I have seen this for many months... (not sure what causes it)
  • Chris Boggs: this report was not affected (allegedly) by the outage in the COVERAGE reports. These are screenshots from the PERFORMANCE report. My guess is that you had zero impressions/clicks the days the blanks represent. Try to run *Impressions for those single days and see what you get.
  • Rob Woods: it’s possible the rankings are fluctuating and dropping out of the range monitored as well. No average position as it was too low to be tracked.
  • Chris Boggs: yes I agree either no rankings or no impressions triggering a ranking measurement
  • Michael Stricker: Agree with and — an Average Position of 100+ makes a page likely to drop in and out of visible range. Went through this, also, during high-flux periods around recent Algo updates, and when a site section was redesigned bereft of metadata and optimization. Many cooks in the kitchen. Follow up with before-and-after views in Wayback Machine, or get those page URLs and ask the devs. Another scenario saw similar brand names flickering in and out for slim pages as Google attempted to disambiguate. Fleshing out those pages regarding business type and even Organization Schema May help.

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