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LLC versus without the LLC in citations

How much does it effect the citations if a business has a variation in name of LLC versus without the LLC . In other words some citations pick this up from the state records and some pick up the version used on social media etc.
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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Tim Capper: Little to Zero affect
  • Mike Stewart: No difference and doesn’t kill NAP
  • Nimie Gill: Thank you both. How about hiding addresses on all but GMB?
  • Scott Clark: Not recommended. NAP presence *and* consistency is an important local signal.
  • Travis Bailey: Articles of incorporation aren`t that important, in the N portion of the NAP.
  • Nimie Gill: What about if they don`t want their address public? It is visible on the GMB but they would rather not have it everywhere.
  • Travis Bailey: You can hide it on their Google listing. It`s kind of impossible if you want a campaign that will get you anywhere to hide it elsewhere.
  • Travis Bailey: Unless it`s something like underwater basket weavers of greater Northwest Tuscaloosa. Then you practically don`t even need a site.
  • Tim Capper: Some aggregators allow for hiding address - if its visible on GMB then the business location is open to customers to visit during stated hours - if not you should make this a SAB listing.

    Equally if it is a legit business location, why the heck do you want to hide this from customers with directory listings.
  • Nimie Gill: They work from their home, but with the address hidden they do not show up as high on map pack as when the address is shown.
  • Stockbridge Truslow: Make sure your structured data for your Ogranization or LocalBusiness has all the sameAs records that are relevant.

    Google only OFFICIALLY recognizes the list of social networks shown there, but that`s in respect to it building your Knowledge Panel. You can put other things in there (e.g. the Spec itself suggests your Wikipedia page). If there are other sites that have a specific dedicated page about you, you can put those in there and it can`t hurt (and may help) solidifying your identity. I wouldn`t go crazy putting every site in the world, but if there`s a high authority site (not Domain Authority - but real authority) like maybe your local chamber of commerce or something like that - slap it in there.

    That said - if you identify yourself by your official registered name in there and then link to the social profiles that use an informal name - that should do the trick.

    As most have said - it`s not a huge deal either way, but for the few minutes it would take to do it, it wouldn`t hurt.
  • Nimie Gill: Thanks have done that with FB, LinkedIn and Youtube.

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