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What would be best for SEO purposes?

Hello! New to SEO and have a question I hope you can help with.
I launched a website for my real estate business a couple of years ago, coloradohomesbymike... And have done a lot of marketing and been working on improving my SEO. My wife is now joining me and we will be working together as a team. She is a native Spanish speaker and we would like to target the Spanish speaking population. And since my URL is specific to only me, we are considering a new URL with the new team name (ie, Phillip-PerezTeam...).
What would be best for SEO purposes? Creating the new website with new team URL and just start over with SEO and marketing? Having her own website with her own unique URL? Or any other ideas/suggestions? I don`t know if I am fully aware of all the options.
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  • 2d: How about creating a spanish version of your website?

  • Michael Phillip: Riviera Farha I`ve thought of that. But I guess what we`re trying to get around is that the website as it is now, has my name in the URL and thus all the marketing. We would love to have her name associated with our team as well, especially for marketing where her last name along will help draw in Spanish speakers.

  • Stockbridge Truslow: If you are using Wordpress - then something like this would let you have one web site - with translated versions of each page - which is nice because it keeps everything in one place and generally something you do to help one helps the other too. (They`re the same site after all). https://wpml.org/

    If you are using some other platform - they usually have similar solutions available either for free or for a reasonable price.

    WPML.ORGWPML - The WordPress Multilingual PluginWPML - The WordPress Multilingual Plugin

  • Michael Phillip: Stockbridge Truslow Yes, I`m using WP and will look into that plugin. Thanks! But we are also considering changing the URL, as it is currently only has my name and we would like to have a domain name/business name that highlights us both, as it will likely appeal to more Spanish speakers.

  • Stockbridge Truslow: You can do that too. I would probably do it in two steps... add the new domain and redirect the old domain to the new one first - so that every page lines up with every page. It`s a one-to-one change. When you do that - race around the web and update all your social media profiles, any links and mentions you have around the web (that you can control) to point to the new domain name.

    THEN while Google is taking a month or so to figure that out you can be working on the new site in a staging environment and then open it up once it`s ready and once Google (and your clients) are all used to the new URL.

  • Michael Phillip: Stockbridge Truslow Thanks!

  • Nikki-Jason Christiansen: You could also just rebrand your website for the both of you, and translate the content. And then get a new domain name and do a URL forward. Its the short and easy way. But you will not get any SEO value from the forward.


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