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My website position changes everyday

Hi everyone. I am managing a website which position changes everyday. For instance, from position 27 in daytime then 13 at nighttime. I am still updating pages everyday as many of its content are copied from government`s websites. I just find this frequent changes weird. Does anyone here have the same experience?
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  • Sal Isme: Have you looked for keyword cannibalisation? Also if you’re copying content it will be duplicate anyway, it may be Google choosing different copies as the original and then changing reassessing. Your copy should really be unique copy.

  • Kath J P Quisumbing: Sal Isme Yes. That is why I am rewritting each content to make them unique. But I`m concern about the kw cannibalisation though as it`s a possible issue, many of the pages are about laws of states. So I`m using keywords like x laws of florida in one page, then x laws of califoria in another page, etc... is it bad?

  • Michael Martinez: You may be spending too much time looking at "rankings". I`d only check them on a weekly basis while improving the content.

  • Kath J P Quisumbing: Michael Martinez Thanks for this. Yup. I`m guilty.

  • Stockbridge Truslow: Many search terms are affected temporally. It happens a LOT in local map search - but is happening more and more for organic search, too.

    For example, if I search for "Towing" - especially if I do it from my car - it probably means that I`m not doing research on the subject but that I am, in fact, broken down on the side of the road. As such... Google will want to show me results from places that are currently open or that it knows has a 24 Hour Emergency Service line.

    If I search for "lunch" in the morning, no one is currently serving lunch, so it`s likely to feature some options and choices that vary in nature. If it`s coming up on lunch time, though - it`s going to tend to favor places that are close, open, and that do, in fact, offer lunch.

    In general... I agree with Michael below, though. But there are time of day factors that CAN come into play... and it may not be your site that causes it, but other sites doing a better job of it at the appropriate time of day. SEO isn`t just about matching the keywords anymore.

  • Kath J P Quisumbing: Stockbridge Truslow This really makes sense as the website`s business time is not 24 hours open. Thank you so much!

  • Ash Nallawalla: Are you checking incognito?

  • Kath J P Quisumbing: Ash Nallawalla yes

  • Christine Hansen: Is it for one specific keyword / url or more?

  • Kath J P Quisumbing: Christine Hansen one specific keyword.

  • Christine Hansen: Kath J P Quisumbing What is the CTR on that particular keyword?

  • Christine Hansen: Kath J P Quisumbing You can find the CTR in your Google Search Console on that particular keyword. If you can`t find the word, the console tells you 2 things: Either the word is underperforming OR ppl do not use that keyword when searching.

  • Christine Hansen: A low CTR on a specific keyword indicates that your correlating page is underperforming. Optimize the page. Have a look at your title, heading(s), and content. But before making any changes, figure out how well this page convert - if it meets your standards, or not. If it does, don`t change.

    I`d go with what Stockbridge Truslow has to say on the matter, though when a query fluctuates it can be a sign of a highly competitive keyword. Google is crawling the sites relevant for that query more often. I wonder if your competition right above you fluctuates as well....?!? If not, what do they do, that you do not?

    Also, Google updates atm have some bearing on the rapid ranking fluctuation.

    As for SERP, you could measure an average between the two spots, whereas the average position should improve over time. Or you could follow the worst position, to see if it moves up on a weekly basis.

    If this keyword leads to a very important page, you could make supporting pages or make (better) internal links to this important page. Google will pick up on that.


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