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I am creating content focusing on skyscraper format

Hello all,
I am creating content focusing on skyscraper format. It has around 6000+ words. 15 Headings. For example, Definition, Features, Who Should use, Comparison, Cost, etc. The Quality of content is top-notch.
Can you please give me some suggestions on how should I design it so that readers don`t get bored or the bounce rate remains minimum?
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  • Michael Martinez: Word count is not very important. Nor is the way you structure an article.

    What makes the content interesting is what you say, how you say it, and how you present it.

    Even a so-called "wall of words" can be interesting and engaging if it says something people relate to.

    What are you hoping to publish that will be more interesting than what is already out there? Do you have a better way of explaining things for readers? Do you have something new to say? Can you provide more reliable sources?

  • Nathan Bradshaw: Yes, the post the like a funnel for a absolutely new user who is looking for my product information. Like what it is, which feature to prefer when buying this. What question to ask company before buying it. How it works, and how to migrate from your current software to new software. I`ve seen it different news publishers write content on each topic. So I merge them at one place.

  • Michael Martinez: Nathan Bradshaw I`m not the biggest fan of "What is ..." articles. While I agree there is generally a need for them, at some point people just keep piling onto the pile and they don`t say anything new or truly useful.

    My only advice is to be careful not to write an echo article just because you`re not sure what else to say.

    If nothing else, write the article as if someone is using your own site search to learn more about the product. At least that puts you in mind of a real audience that is interested in what you`ve got.

  • Sal Isme: Nathan Bradshaw then make the content interactive for each section with clear CTA’s should they feel they’ve seen enough or want to revisit.


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