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What should I look for in good content writers?

Hey guys, looking for some help please.

How do you find a good content writer for website blogs/LinkedIn - especially in a industry (insurance/insurtech/claimstech/process automation) where the content can be quite technical/specific?

What should I look for in good content writers?
Is it reasonable to ask for a sample piece?
Any other questions I should be asking or be aware of?
How much should I be expecting (and how many hours should I expect) to be paying for a normal sized article content?


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  • Tim Capper: So there are a large set of differences here and they depend on country, language, years of experience.

    There are dedicated content writers (just Google it) and there are different range, size "article agencies"

    A 1500 word article can range from 100 - 2500 USD.

    Most of them will happily show you works they have completed and the top end will allow editing / proofing before final delivery.

    You need to try a few to find the one that fits your price / quality ratio.

    Oh and there are also Ghost Writers out there, that charge a bit more for their secrecy - I know of several high profile SEO that use the same ghost writer :)
  • Divij Mehra: Okay, so just trail and error and see what writers work well with my style, topics and budget.

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