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Do SEO experts also need to know HTML and CSS?

Just a newbie here, and I have a question:

Do SEO experts also need to know HTML, CSS, and other things related to Web Dev to become SEO experts?

And also, based on your experience, do most of your clients require you to have knowledge on those things?

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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • M Saad Ul Hasnain: more u have knowledge about them the more u will be successful
  • Matej Mavri: Basic html and css is a must! Other stuff ... not so much.
  • Dave Elliott: you don`t need it, but, i find my dev knowledge valuable
  • Naveen Kapoor: It`s plus point to know technical part of website
  • Mark Matibag: Alright noted, thanks guys! Matej, M Saad Ul Hasnain, Dave, Naveen

    by the way, is the "LinkedinLearning/Lynda Web Dev course", enough for SEO guys?
  • Dave Elliott: No idea...to be honest i`d just grab some cheap hosting and design and build a site. HTML/CSS and JS etc are way easier to learn by doing than by reading.
  • Mark Matibag: Thanks!
  • Clair Elise Belmonte: Even a base understanding of web dev has gone a long way for me. I’ve had projects that challenged me but primarily I work to understand and tackle the dev solutions to site speed and that’s about it.
  • Mark Matibag: Thanks !
  • Michael Martinez: The search engines look at code in different ways so to understand search engine optimization better you should understand how Websites are constructed and work. The knowledge by itself doesn`t give you much but it helps you absorb information about specific guidelines and technical requirements. Knowing where to embed code and what it does is important. Being able to explain the difference between Accelerated Mobile Pages and "normal" Websites is important.
  • Mark Matibag: , wow thanks for the very detailed answer, sir!

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