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Google on Javascript

Before I start coding this, figure I`d ask in case someone has already tested it or knows the answer.

If I add some JS to a site to `automatically` add nopener and nofollow links to external pointing links, with Googlebot abide?

I know it`s not the most flexible solution - if we were to have an external link we`d want to not nofollow (which is doubtful), but it is less time than going thru all the posts and updating by hand.

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  • Michael Martinez: Googlebot doesn`t care about "noopener". That`s for browsers. As for adding "nofollow" via Javascript, Google MIGHT see it. They might not. They offer no guarantees. The most common types of links that are automatically nofollowed are links in user-generated content, such as comments on a blog or forum. User profile pages are another source of frequently nofollowed links. It`s better to have the software that generates the earliest served HTML code embed the nofollow attributes, but it comes down to what software you`re using and what kinds of links you`re trying to manage.
  • Todd Weise: Yeah, I knew they didn`t care about the noopener, i just typed it because, well I dunno why (i mean I am implementing that too). I went ahead and built it out.

    I don`t yet have access to GSC for this site to test it`s effectiveness yet.

    It`s a WordPress site and I could probably find a plugin to do it, I just didn`t want to add another plugin to things.

    It`s a stopgap at the very least. I need to go ahead and get an up to date license of Screaming frog and determine which posts actually have the external links on them and just manhandle them, and then be mindful going forward.
  • Michael Martinez: If you`re trying to conserve PageRank that won`t work. Google redistributes it to the rest of the index one way or another, either through the site`s outbound links or through a process they call "evaporation". Matt Cutts disclosed in 2009 that since early 2008 they were evaporating PageRank from links using the "nofollow" attribute.
  • Michael Martinez: Technically, the most conservative way to manage the flow of PageRank through a Website is to not link out at all. I hate it when sites don`t do that but not every site needs to. Google will eventually evaporate the PageRank anyway but hypothetically you`ll get maximum benefit from it.

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