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The best WordPress SEO plugin in 2019

What is the best WordPress SEO plugin in 2019 and why?

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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Terry Samuels: None of the above.. project Supremacy
  • Brenda Michelin: SEO Ultimate Plus
  • Julius Gashumba: Never heard of this one. Why never Yoast?
  • Michelle Korn: I keep hearing that yoast is terrible, but when I told my website coder & he did a search, he didn`t find anything that would warrant this opinion.

    They did have a problem last year (I think he said), but they cleared it up right away.

    Please explain.

  • Brenda Michelin: Your search did not use the correct terms. 😉

  • Julius Gashumba: The first article writer claims to be an SEO blogger but doesn`t offer any alternatives after bashing Yoast. The second is a political news site. It would be nice to get references from industry insiders.
  • Brenda Michelin: I am an industry insider. 😉
  • Michelle Korn: You didn`t read what I wrote. I said my website coder did a search.

    And I never said I LOVED yoast. I have it on all my blogs & I just want to know why people don`t like it. There has to be a good reason unless people are just followin
    g what everyone else is doing which is what most people do unfortunately.

    Your article has nothing to do with Yoast screwing up people`s SEO. This is what I heard in another FB group, that Yoast actually hinders your SEO.

    And the article only really talks about the paid version. I only use the free version.

  • Brenda Michelin: Do your research. And relax. Keep Yoast. Not a problem for me.
  • Michelle Korn: ?

    I`m very relaxed, but thank you for being concerned about me.
  • Julius Gashumba: Now, for those using Yoast; are you using the paid version or free?
  • Bjornen Nilsson: Write good content and avoid plugins? Never understood the need for a plugin for SEO.
  • Ahmed Ibrahim: For your meta, Xml site map, index no index, and follow no follow directives.
  • Bjornen Nilsson: and that can`t be done without a plugin?
  • Ahmed Ibrahim: Sure it could be. But for non-techie people won`t be as easy.
  • Bjornen Nilsson: of course not, it`s not supposed to be easy. You`re supposed to learn about what you`re using, not take the easy way out. If you`re gonna use a plugin for each and every feature you want/ need, you`re most likely not gonna end up with a very stabile or fast website.
  • Julius Gashumba: When you have access to a car, would you still rather walk? I would like to be able to service as many clients as I can rather than doing it manually, a plugin will be an aid not the end all be all.
  • Bjornen Nilsson: you still have to do the search/ focus word research, write the content and make it work across the whole site. The plugin won`t do that (unless I`m mistaken). Sure, the plugin might be useful in some areas, but I rather not.

    Luckily, the choice is optional.
  • Julius Gashumba: It`s those other useful areas that would actually be the purpose for a WP plugin. One, absolutely, still has to write good content.
  • Julius Gashumba: Thank you all for your help.
  • Patrick Healy: I like the tandem of WebTextTool and SEOPress. Currently migrating all clients off of Yoast for a number of reasons.
  • Marcus Pentzek: None of them?

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