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Best place to insert links on a page

When our writers write as guest authors on any other relevant websites, they mostly place our content links in the content body and also in the author bio. Is it harmful in any way? or is this type of link less valuable?

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  • Michael Martinez: Technically, guest posting for links is potentially harmful because it violates search engine guidelines.

    If the search engines detect the manipulative links they may only choose to ignore them. In that case, if the guest posts convey a good brand mes
    sage you at least get some advertising for the site you`re promoting. But the search engines may punish sites that engage in aggressive manipulative linking.

    The best guest posting strategy focuses on the brand message and doesn`t ask for keyword-rich links. Such a strategy also embraces links that use "rel=`nofollow`" because the message itself is what is important, not the links.
  • Seth Goldstein: I don`t think it`s a problem if the guest post is high quality and provides value. If it`s just junk then it can possibly harm both the site it`s posted on and the linked site. Just my thoughts

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