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Web hosting and Google ranking

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  • Klajdi Hëna: The speed does
  • Michael Martinez: Although speed is not that big a factor availability is huge. If the host experiences a lot of down time or if the site saturates its account limits (resulting in throttling) then the search engines can`t get in and do their jobs.
  • David Vogelpohl: Speed is pretty big *especially* on mobile results
  • Michael Martinez: For rankings Google only applies a speed penalty to the slowest sites (about 1%). Speed is vital to user experience, which may be reflected in how many links a site earns from happy visitors.
  • David Vogelpohl: that’s a pretty specific claim. Are you referring to Cutts’ video from back in the day?

    FWIW, I’m not claiming a fast site would overcome no backlinks, bad content, etc, but am rather saying it is important (especially on mobile) and getting much more important based on signals I’m seeing from Google.
  • Adam John Humphreys: I think this is one of those areas where everyone just agrees speed is critical because people bounce without that great experience. That’s all any SEO needs to know.
  • Stephen Nutley: Speed is not the big problem from hosting directly, it’s the bounce rate. A slow website will increase bounce rate, and this will be the big factoring on pushing you down. Regularly see websites 30+ seconds on mobile
  • Michael Martinez: Boumce rate does not affect general search engine rankings. To track it, a search engine would have to record bounce rate per keyword per page, which would require an exorbitant amount of resources on their parts. It`s just not an efficient or reliable signal.
  • Lieven Gevaert: Some just block google bots if they come too often. It would take too mutch band with. I got it with Hetzner, Brinkster. They dont inform you. Check the log files.
  • Bjornen Nilsson: No.
    Yes if the site is slow and bounce rate is high.

    If you care about your site and what you`re doing, make sure your site loads in 1 second or less. If higher than 1, 5 load time you start loosing...
  • David Kutcher: bounce rate metric doesn`t affect rankings.
  • Bjornen Nilsson: No? Hmm, I thought it did. Well, that`s bad.
  • Bjornen Nilsson: I think it is.
  • David Kutcher: Read this:
  • Bjornen Nilsson: David Kutcher Yes, what it is / what counts as a bounce I know. All I meant is that I think that the bounce rate should affect ranking.
  • David Kutcher: no. Pogosticking, yes, bounce rate, no.
  • Bjornen Nilsson: Anyhow.. (moving on).
  • David Kutcher: Yes. The speed in generating the page, getting to first paint, etc is incredibly important. And hosting plays a major role in that.

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