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Do Google sites still pass juice?

do G sites and other google properties still pass juice? still worth doing?

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  • Michael Martinez: I think you will find - as always - opinions on such strategies are divided. This group advocates search engine guidelines compliant strategies because they don`t result in penalties or sites being dropped from the index. That said, any linking page has the potential to pass value in a search index provided it`s crawled and indexed, doesn`t block value via link or page attributes like "nofollow" or "noindex", and provided it doesn`t lose its ability to pass value through links because of violations of search engine guidelines. There are many "if" points to consider in such a calculation, whether you`re asking people for links (which is perfectly acceptable) or constructing a guideline-violating link empire.
  • George G.: If you use them for juice you are looking at it from the wrong angle. Because to pass juice it means you are using them as a buffer and pointing spam at them. Do not do that. However, you can use them for relevance.
  • David Kutcher: Quality sites (providing quality information and value to their users) will always pass juice. It doesn`t matter if it`s on Google Sites, Blogger, or anything else.

    But why focus on creating satellite sites with value when you can create that value on your own site?

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