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Can SEO help your business?

Can SEO help your business?

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  • Mick King: The best way to help your business in my opinion
  • Makuo Jinanwa: An investment that keeps bringing returns after the effort has stopped.

    Unlike ads
  • George G.: Short answer is yes.

    Im curious tho, why would you choose to get a picture of one of the ugliest bulgarian politicians for your fake profile? That is just distasteful.
  • Lieven Gevaert: One thing is sure, White hat can destroy it.
  • George G.: did you mean black hat?
  • Lieven Gevaert: No honest EAT is destroying lots of honest companies.
  • George G.: how so?
  • Lieven Gevaert: Orphan pages in very large directories kill Seo. Honest too large clusters too. 1000nds of semantic clusters even unlogic will save these naive idealists.
  • Tom Brown: Can you guys elaborate more on exactly how SEO can help?
  • Shirline Juay: Good SEO can make your page rank higher on Search Engine. In turn, it will generate more organic traffic which is what we want.
  • Loveable Pooja: Yes ofcourse it is the best way to generate leads and boost business profit
  • Mark Robin David: local seo
  • Denys Dubner: Not every business.
  • Jason Bean: Curious about some examples of businesses that could not benefit from some SEO activities.
  • Denys Dubner: Defence
  • Denys Dubner: some commodity trade businesses are so massive in $$$ and so little in terms of number of players in the global market that everyone knows each other and SEO makes no sense.
  • Jason Bean: Denys Dubner I could see that it wouldn`t be a business critical endeavor, but if there ever was someone not currently in the group of "everyone knows each other" and were doing research about them, being able to find them easily online would still be a benefit. Even generically, perhaps someone just doing research on "commodity trade businesses" and getting found for those search terms and phrases would still be a benefit. The "VALUE" might be significantly smaller for some businesses, but there would still be value and it could still help their business overall.
  • Denys Dubner: I come from commodity trade business myself. There is no value. Business is made in one phone call to someone you and your banker trusts. That’s it.
  • Mahesh Panth: SEO + Marketing
  • Amit Rajdev: Yes, If you take it seriously
  • Dave Elliott: Probably best not ask that question in an SEO community if you want an answer other than "SEO is awesome" tbh.

    I`ve been told other marketing channels are available but I`m pretty sure they all smell and give you cooties.
  • Seo Sheona: Hi ,
    It is very necessary to understand the need of SEO for business.
    Let me breif you what exactly SEO is.... It is search engine optimisation, means to optimise your website/blog/services/product etc. On search engines (Google/Bing/etc.).
    If you are running online business, it is not always required that your priority is SEO. It solely depends on the stage of your business.
    But yes, it is in trend and most popular and effective technique to make your business grow higher.
    Let me know if you want to know more

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