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How many articles you should have to increase rankings?

Hello everyone, How many articles you should have to increase Organic rankings?

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  • Dan Thies: I think you’re looking at it from the wrong perspective.

    Build something good. Answer questions. Add value. And drive traffic to it from somewhere other than search engines, preferably multiple social channels.
  • Pim Sandra: What would you suggest if the write more articles are the wrong direction?
  • Dan Thies: you need content, but there’s no magic number. We like to see 2-3 posts a week on client blogs, and 2-3x that many social posts. The biggest thing is driving traffic from other sources.

    I used to see “SEO only” successes all the time, but that’s like 8 years ago. These days, I can almost guess how a site is doing with organic search by looking at their other traffic.
  • Matthew Eisner: write better articles
  • Jason Hennessey: I work in legal and 17 articles seems to be the magic # to dominate.
  • Todd Mintz: Completely agree that it needs to be a prime number but 29 is the number that`s worked for me.
  • Pim Sandra: Could you give me some suggestions?
  • Jim Munro: Whats`s being pointed out here, is that there is no particular number of articles which will provide the outcome you seek. I think you are approaching this from the wrong direction. Consider ignoring everything else and devoting 100% towards delivering the information your readership is seeking. If you do that consistently, there is a good chance that one day you will wake up to find that everything else you are seeking has fallen into place.
  • Pim Sandra: I have increased 1000 more backlinks and write articles every day..It doesn`t work for me... Could you give me some suggestions?
  • George G.: add at least 10000 more backlinks.
  • George G.: On a serious note, read what everyone else has already pointed out again. Then try to understand it. If you dont, read it again slowly. Repeat until you get the essence. Then start with a new domain and do not build backlinks. You obviolsly have no idea how to do that.
  • Rishi Lakhani: If you have added 1000 backlinks you are probably about to find that the site is never going to rank. Unless you spent $150, 000 at least to build them.

    Stop buying high volume backlinks.
  • Dave Elliott: Write content for your users benefit not to move up the rankings....then you`ll rank better(obviously do some keyword research and optimise titles and headings still).
  • Neil Cheesman: With respect - I think you are asking the wrong question...
    "How many articles you should have to increase Organic rankings?"
    what does that even mean?
    You write an article about dog food and your organic rankings will go up for cars? no.. of course not.
    Treat each article on its own merits... hopefully have a `structure` (or categories) for your content... etc...
    IF... your whole website falls under ONE category... then just maybe (depending on the competition and how relevant your content is) your website might just have a page (likely homepage?) that ranks for a search phrase that represents the whole website content. ie `Sports News for California`

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