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We are not getting traffic yet

Hi guys am in need of advice on my website issue. It`s 7month now. My plan is to build a site like CNET, androidcentral, howtogeek, etc just tech site. But the stuff is not what I taught I only have 3 guys working with me, and we have to write articles everyday, no chance for backlinks. We are not getting traffic yet. Any suggestions on how we can replan our team and make things work out? Every answer to this is very valuable to me.
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  • Tim Capper: So there is no real short cut, however with strategic content planning you could hit some high value subjects first and start building your reputation and traffic. There are a selection of tools out there, but you could start with your GSC and filter queries by, how, what, when, where and see if your site is already appearing for these kind of phrases already. Then look at the term and see if you can improve on an existing article to target the specific query or target specific. You could look at some other sites that are in the same genre and do a content gap analysis, have they missed something that you can capitalise on, answer boxes etc
  • George G.: focus on delivering value and spreading it out. much better having 5 great articles than 5000 trash articles. It depends on your team skills as well. Are the articles well written and with proper grammar? Do the articles solve a problem? How experienced are the writers on the topic and can they provide insights for the readers? How are you better than the competitors? all important questions that you had to ask yourself 7 months ago.
  • Suv Suvendu: Hi Guys, I am a new member of this group and found this interesting discussion. I am not sure if my suggestions are valuable for you or not, as far as my knowledge if you are creating quality content using industry keywords and promote in high-quality networks then there is a big chance to get the result. Also, I would like to add you may have a look at your On-page of the website and a search engine friendly website. Thank You.
  • Jim Munro: Suv Suvendu Welcome but please don`t attempt to self-promote here. Take some time to look around. Many of the SEOs in this community began practising last century.

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