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Next step after link building

Hi, so i`ve been working hard on making backlinks. see the number of domains linking back to me below:

1 - facebook

5 - web2.0

5 - social bookmarking

5 - random profiles

5 - random .edu .gov

6 - topic related websites (programming)

18 - related forum signatures or link posts

9 - Question/answer websites with 26 answers a few more random stuff

1 - customer backlink

1 - pingback link Total 50-60 domains (weak mostly)

Now Ahrefs is only showing me 15 domain backlinks. I`m assuming google doesnt count all of them either. What`s my next stage regarding backlinks? I`ve been trying guestposts but it`s been a struggle to get any guest posts out there and guestpost providers seem to be scammy (their own fake websites) or expensive (100e per guest post) and PBN providers suggested to me that my website isnt ready for PBNs yet. What`s the next stage? Should i somehow get google to notice all these (weak) backlinks? or get a strong back link? Any suggestions are welcome

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  • Casey Markee: Everything you listed above is really push marketing. You are out there physically trying to generate links into your site. And worse, many of the avenues you listed above are low-quality or nofollow by nature (forum signatures, web2.0, social, etc.) Have you looked at actually investing in quality content so you can pull links into your site naturally? You hear the tripe all the time about "all you need is good content" and yes, that`s hyperbole in many aspects, but it also has clear value. Do you have the ability to generate infographic, evergreen, or long-form types of content on your site that would encourage the kind of natural high-quality linking you are missing above? I would also urge you to spend some time reviewing Jon Cooper`s incredible "Complete List of Link Building Tactics" which is probably the most complete resource of its kind anywhere. Find it here: http://pointblankseo.com/link-building-strategies Jon has done a fantastic job of covering the entire spectrum of link building and breaking down the strategies by investment, time and return. That should keep you busy and generate literally dozens of strategies you can leverage on your own end. Good luck!
  • Matt Lee: Solid advice here ☝️
  • Matt Lee: When you learn how to create assets that people actually want to use or link to then your SEO possibilities become endless.
  • Danny Dekker: agreed. i`m following up with Caseys comment. thank you

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