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Using status code 307 instead of the expected 301

Squarespace redirects http links to their https counterpart using status code 307 instead of the expected 301. Does anyone see a problem with that for indexing and search results?
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  • Walter Mrowczynski III: Why would you want your checkout to be indexed?
  • E Dieter Martin: Not just checkout, but a squarespace hosted site. http://xyzzy .com redirects with 307 to https://xyzzy .com
  • Scott Clark: Doesn`t matter.
  • Dave Elliott: 307 is very much standard for a global http to Https redirect and is no issue.
  • E Dieter Martin: I failed at googling those articles
  • Paul Thompson: A 307 is typicaly what gets served if the domain also has HSTS enabled, in adition to the 301-redirect for HSTS. It`ll do the job just fine, as others havenoted.

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