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Google is not reading the Sitemap

Domain Migration Question: Has anyone recently migrated domain names? I have a website that we recently migrated and for some reason, Google is not reading the Sitemap. All tests have passed and Google Successfully reads the sitemap, but 0 URLs are discovered. Is this because of using the `Change of Address` tool in GSC?

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  • Diego Savino: wild card 301 all the pages on your previous domain. Provider the URLs are the same.
  • Scott Clark: Migrations are difficult and need to be done using a sequence checklist. It`s very hard to answer your question generically.

    Also COA can take a LONG time to process, and it can be tripped up by even small things, like having SOME of the old pages still in the index or subdomains not yet migrated.
  • Brenda Michelin: Have you reviewed your ROBOTS? Did you have indexing turned off while you were in maintenance mode? What is your URL?
  • Brenda Michelin: You can also jump-start by using the "Fetch As Google" Tool in Search console to get Google back on your site.
  • Brenda Michelin: You can also use Ping O Matic to ping the search engines to come and crawl your new site.

  • Becky Westmoreland: what Brenda said.
  • Michael Stricker: Did you submit a Change of Address in GSC?
  • Michael Martinez: Be aware that Google has had problems indexing content over the past week.

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