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Strategy to get backlink for a new website

What strategy should i use to get backlink for a new website?

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  • Ryan Jones: Build something that people think is so cool or so good that they want to share it with their friends.
  • Jim Munro: Reach out to your clients and suppliers.
  • Michael Martinez: One thing I rarely see any more is people putting a request for links at the bottom of their content. There is no search engine guideline against doing that. A simple request in the form of "If you like this article please consider it sharing it with your friends when it fits the discussion. A link from your blog will also be appreciated." Something like that.
  • George G.: build a free tool. think of smth that can automate a task in the niche. then outreach, make pr, msg niche organizations and schools that might use it for free. this works extremely well.

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