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I got a confusion regarding domain choice

Hello all, I got a confusion regarding domain choice. whether its good idea to have the main keyword as a domain or brand name. Like:
1. plumberservice.com
2. brandname.com
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  • Michael Martinez: In my humblest opinion there are no really good articles on the subject because, if nothing else, Google changed the way they handle exact-match domain names some years back while never actually confirming anything about how it handled them previously. Everyone must guess what that all means. I think it really comes down to what you think customers of the service are most likely to discuss online: the brand or the service. Can a keyword-rich EMD rank well for a query? Yes, although it`s not easy to achieve that. But there is virtually no brand value in an EMD for a well-established query. On the other hand, if you create a unique brand name and append "service description" to that brand name, then you in effect create a branded keyword query with an EMD. But there is no magic formula. It will take work either way.
  • Abindra Raj Dangol: Thanks, , for your opinion.

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