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I have a small doubt related to SEO

I have a small doubt related to SEO. One of my Blog post is Raking in 7th position but my URL looks www.abc.com/2017/16/My- Keyword Suppose if remove 2017/16 in my url is it helpful to get more rank or it will effect to our previous Ranking?
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  • Kotha Ganesh: Might effect
  • Michael Martinez: What usually happens is that both URLs are listed for a while but as the search engines continue to recrawl the Web and follow links, they get everything sorted out. Whether you redirect the old URL to the new one will have the most impact, although if you`re trying to escape a quality filter without actually changing anything on the site (other than the URL) any benefit from the change will only be temporary. I`m trying to cover a lot of possibilities, not specifically analyzing your proposed move in a single context.
  • Sampath Vuchuru: Thank you sir

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