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I have a client who is considering getting rid of a /shows landing page and redirecting it to /shows/headliners bc they think the /shows page is useless (I agree).

The headliners page has the outbound links as the /shows page, meaning users & crawlers can still navigate to all the sub-pages of /shows (there is a handy side-bar nav on the left hand side). Any links pointing to /shows will redirec to /shows/headliners.

The client wants to know of any potential detriment to seo performance because the /shows page was part of the URL structure. It would be like removing /services landing page and redirecting traffic to the top service page (/service/service1), if the top service page has navigable links to all the other services and isn`t lacking in content.

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  • Cassy Richardson: One thing to add - There are tons of show events and some key pages that would still be /shows/_____. They would still be able to be navigated from shows/headliners, but the URL structure would remain /shows/____, not /shows/headliners/____.
  • Michael Martinez: If they`re redirecting A to B and moving B into the navigation position that A once occupied your client should be okay ... allowing for the remote possibility that Google decides to test some funky algorithm the week they make the change. But I`ve never had a problem doing that. The URL structure really doesn`t matter. It`s how the site is organized and what is crawlable / indexable that really matters.
  • Cassy Richardson: That`s what I was thinking but wasn`t positive. Thank you for your feedback!!

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