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Do I really need to build backlinks?

how do i build the backlinks for my site? is it really important for my site rank?

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  • Jim Munro: One good link from an unexpected source might sometimes be more valuable to you than all of your efforts in this regard. In the meantime reach out to your customers, suppliers and competitors.
  • Vinson Chan: Thank you for your anwser, it is right, ,
  • Scott Clark: Think of it in the long term however. Link building needs to be woven into your everyday activities. Sometimes the opportunities for Links come when you least expect it. They don`t all have to be huge links either. They can accumulate as smaller links into something that`s both valuable and stable even when Google makes major updates.
  • Dan Thies: The most efficient way to get links is to drive traffic to your content.
  • Jobin John: I recently contacted few link building pros and managed to create a list of 13 link building strategies. I don`t want post a link here avoiding spam but if you search Egochi link building strategy I think you can get to it.
  • Ashok Panda: To start with make a list of Web 2.0 accounts, out content and build links.
  • Michael Martinez: When people are asking how to build links they really don`t know enough to be able to distinguish between questionable link building practices and good ones. Also, outreach takes time, patience, a bit of communication skill, and benefits most from the kind of content people would normally link to anyway. Focus on creating content that YOU would want to link to and recommend. Promote it on social media. Be open to criticisms and counterpoints if you`re blogging.

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