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Monthly inbound links

Hi, how do you determine how many inbound links should you build for a certain webs8te, per month?

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  • Michael Martinez: I don`t mean for this to sound condescending because, like many other people in the industry, I used to build links quite liberally (back when the search engines didn`t make all the decisions about what is "right" and "wrong" with Website promotion). However, I came to the conclusion that the fewer links you build per month for any given site, the less likely your work will be wasted by a manual action or algorithmic downgrade. While I was in the minority with that opinion for over a decade, I`d say most people now agree with me. Build content that you would want to link to and share it with others via social media.
  • George G.: you could still build links, but think from a brand prospective. and think if those links make sense. E.g if you build a tutorial and you want to make a presentation, you can share it on slideshare. Or if you make a video, post it on youtube and link to the article with the tutorial. this is just an example but the idea is - do not spam around with no purpose, but buidling links that make sense from a brand point of view is ok.

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