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Most keywords dropped almost 20 places

Was there any update in the last 2 days. Most keywords dropped almost 20 places.
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  • Michael Martinez: Some people believe something may be happening. Google changes something every day of the week. Sooner or later some people see changes. It`s doubtful they have unleashed some massive, sweeping update as they rolled one out at the beginning of Augus…Lihat Lainnya
  • Anoop Kanyan: The first thing I did was check my Webmasters account to find if there was any penalty or something. But, couldn`t really find anything there. The traffic to one of my sites dropped to around 50 visits a day, as compared to 200 visits per day. The next thing I did was check the SEMRUSH sensor, and it showed that the SERP volatility was higher than usual. And yes, I guess it might be a minor update. If it were a major update, and the rankings would have dropped, then at least I would know what changes I need to make, or what should be my new strategy, as Google lets us know why they are doing it, and which sites will do better through official Webmasters Blog. But, with minor updates, it`s really hard to guess as to what changes I need to make to my strategy.
  • Michael Martinez: Have you ruled out all of the following:1) Seasonal traffic patterns2) You changed or remove content on the site3) You change the site`s navigation4) You tried some new SEO strategy5) You uploaded a disavow file6) Someone scrape your site7) You accidentally blocked crawlers in "robots.txt"8) You added "noindex" directives to 1 or more pages9) You added "rel=`nofollow`" attributes to 1 or more internal linksThere can be a LOT of reasons for why you suddenly lose traffic. Google updates are usually way down the list of probable causes in most situations.
  • Anoop Kanyan: Didn`t make many changes to the site. Just added two or three more blog posts. Had updated a disavow file, but that was like 6 months ago. Can`t be seasonal traffic pattern, as it`s the rankings that have actually dropped, not just the traffic. Didn`t add noindex or nofollow attributes. The only thing I did change was my website`s navigation system, I had added a few links to my website`s footer. But, it was around 20 days ago. But, what concerns me is that my traffic was increasing every day until yesterday, when the keywords suddenly started dropping.
  • Michael Martinez: I haven`t seen any traffic patterns in the sites I manage that would match yours, but that`s a random comparison. Normally when I lose traffic I look at who benefited from the change and try to determine if there is something I can do to improve my content. And, yes, sometimes it just means the other guy got a bunch of links. When that happens I rely on a longer term strategy. I don`t want to get into link wars. I don`t know if that happened to you or if you really are seeing the result of some algorithmic change.
  • George G.: this is normal with quality updates. your domain was flagged as low quality for some reason and demoted. dig deep in it, find the issue, fix it and you ll be back ontrack. pls dont ask what it is tho, it could be anything from wrong interlinking to thin content or bad 301 redirects.
  • Anoop Kanyan: Yes. It`s just hit and trial. Will have to find out. Not sure though, what the real reason is. I have only quality content, with posts usually more than 1500 words. No spammy backlinks. 🤔

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