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She`s only interested in results for England

Hello everyone,
Please read this and help me out if you can
Niche: Legal
My client would like to rank a Keyword but she`s only interested in results for England.
I don`t think I can get that term, but if I can improve another variation of that keyword that would be good.
I have a lot of those terms already but in local - so Brighton, Braintree, Croydon etc. I`d also like London, because they have two branches there.
Please give me some suggestions.
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  • Michael Zittel: 1) Be sure to get a Google Map Listing for their locations.2) Write plenty of blogs related to the niche keywords you are targeting3) Cross post to social and to the Google Map listings4) Keep doing it5) Use proper on page SEO, especially include Schema6) Convert blogs into video, cross link7) Try to get authority sites to link to content and also get citations from authority sites (easier said than don )8 - Set up some PPC as well. Clients who do both tend to be the most successful.

  • Stockbridge Truslow: The legal field has TONS of schema you can use to describe EXACTLY who you are, what legal services you offer, and where you are located in order to provide those services. The knowledge graph is pretty well built out in that niche, too - so...

    Schema - the full boat. Semantic SEO - hit the entities in the copy.

    The "Match the Keyword" game is hard to play in that niche.

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