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How much will redirection affect SEO?

I have a question - how much will redirecting from mydomain.com to www.mydomain.com affect SEO?
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  • Perry Bernard: The www version is a different website in Google’s view. As with any subdomain. You should follow all the recommendations you might use to migrate to any new domain. If your site had a mix of use and already redirected one version to the other, then probably the impact won’t be too bad. However if Google never crawled any non-canonical versions before, the impact will be greatest.

  • ქუჯი თოდუა: Perry Bernard thanks for your advice. There is no mix of use yet but we need the final domain to be with WWW. Google never crawled and I am interesting how much does it take approximately to restore the existing ranking positions.

  • Cristina Ingram: Perry Bernard agreed with Perry Bernard, 80% percent works, if you do 301 smoothly

  • ქუჯი თოდუა: Cristina Ingram Thanks!

  • Richard Hearne: It generally won`t hurt (unless you`re doing something entirely weird in your set-up), but I`d say it`s unlikely to make a lot of difference overall. Your rankings are very unlikely to change due to this one change.

    However, it`s one of the "nuts-and-bolts" tactics that good sites will always observe. I`d always try to ensure resources are only available on a single URL as much as is possible, and this is one way to reduce the possibilities of multiple URLs existing for the same content.

  • ქუჯი თოდუა: Richard Hearne thanks for your answer. However if I redirect to www its won`t be possible to have only available source, because people will mostly type without www. What other cons may www have?

  • Richard Hearne: None. The only con might occur if you have resources available on multiple URLs/Domains (www vs non-www). Always better to have a resource respond to a single URL only. Just set up your redirects now, and move on to something more beneficial for SEO.

  • Michael Zittel: Choose one or the other and stick with it the one. Google prefers that.

  • ქუჯი თოდუა: Thanks for your advice.

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