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I don’t know how to improve the keyword ranking

Hello everyone
I don’t know how to improve the keyword ranking of the website
Any good suggestions?
my website : zzkeda.com
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  • Stockbridge Truslow: Your content is mostly products but you have exactly ZERO structured data on the site. I`d be starting there.

  • Chris Wu: thank u very much

  • Taimoor Ahmed: Is it your own site or client`s?

  • Chris Wu: my site, sir

  • Rob Watts: Some of your product images are a hybrid of text and image. You could potentially split those out into words important to the ranking aspiration. I do t know how prevalent this is sitewide but this could be an opportunity for adding textual depth and relevancy even

  • Chris Wu: thanks

  • Chris Wu: Do I need to do guest post for my website?

  • Rob Watts: Chris Wu https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-guest.../372115/

    SEARCHENGINEJOURNAL.COMGoogle Warning on Guest Posting For LinksGoogle Warning on Guest Posting For Links

  • Mohammad Athar: Your keywords are not appropriate. There is a lot to improve

  • Chris Wu: thank u very much

  • Michael Zittel: Convert the graphics with text to HTML and optimize accordingly.

  • Chris Wu: thanks

  • Christine Hansen: What`s often missing in product catalogs transferred to the web is the personal aspect. I`d replace the standard contact graphic under Products Navigation with a personalized aspect. On all product pages, I`d insert a picture of the specific salesperson that is selling the product. A salesperson varies from product category to product category or even product to product. I am sure that there are salespeople allocated to each product category. I`d include a tiny CTA text, direct mail, direct phone number to the specific salesperson, and a small form mail right underneath. With this approach, the company signals human authenticity, that the company is open for sales, and any sort of question a potential customer could have, will of course get an answer. Argument from the company`s sales aspect is that each salesperson is finally able to benefit from the web along with the more traditional sales channels. If you don`t use this approach, I`d as a minimum change the contact graphics to html-text on all pages.

  • Muhammad Umar: Go for deep competitor analysis.

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