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My posts aren’t eligible for rich results

I have a handful of posts that aren’t eligible for rich results. I can’t for the life of me figure out why. Any ideas?
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  • Rudolf Ladyzhenskii: Do you have relevant schema on those pages?

  • Melinda Paulsell: Rudolf Ladyzhenskii Yes, I have a recipe card (WPRM).

  • Rudolf Ladyzhenskii: Melinda Paulsell Did you test it with Google tool?https://search.google.com/test/rich-results

    SEARCH.GOOGLE.COMRich Results Test - Google Search ConsoleRich Results Test - Google Search Console

  • Melinda Paulsell: Rudolf Ladyzhenskii Yes, I have went through and tested a fair amount of my posts to see which ones are showing rich results and which ones are not. Most are fine some are having issues. The HTML is like reading a foreign language so I’m unable to figure out where the issue is.

  • Rudolf Ladyzhenskii: Melinda Paulsell what is url for affected page?

  • Melinda Paulsell: Rudolf Ladyzhenskii https://missourigirlhome.com/apple-strudel-braid/Thank you for taking a look!

    MISSOURIGIRLHOME.COMApple Strudel Braid With Homemade Puff Pastry | Missouri Girl HomeApple Strudel Braid With Homemade Puff Pastry | Missouri Girl Home

  • Rudolf Ladyzhenskii: Melinda Paulsell mmm..... Apple Strudel... Page is perfectly OK with correct schema. It should be eligible for rich test.I noticed you use Yoast. Personally, I prefer RankMath for SEO and they have an excellent support and FB group. Perhaps you can try to reach out to Yoast support? One really need access to your Google Search Console to see if more info can be extracted

  • Melinda Paulsell: Rudolf Ladyzhenskii Thank you for the guidance! I will reach out to them for sure.

  • Cristina Ingram: look for keywords with low competition and good volume

  • Buth Main: Important: Google does not guarantee that your structured data will show up in search results, even if your page is marked up correctly according to the Rich Results Test. Here are some common reasons why:

    Using structured data enables a feature to be present, it does not guarantee that it will be present. The Google algorithm tailors search results to create what it thinks is the best search experience for a user, depending on many variables, including search history, location, and device type. In some cases it may determine that one feature is more appropriate than another, or even that a plain blue link is best.The structured data is not representative of the main content of the page, or is potentially misleading.The structured data is incorrect in a way that the Rich Results Test was not able to catch.The content referred to by the structured data is hidden from the user.The page does not meet the guidelines for structured data described here, the type-specific guidelines, or the general webmaster guidelines.https://developers.google.com/.../structured.../sd-policiesI recommend you to check Enhancements report in your Google Search Console. Also, from my experience, it can be Google`s bug. I faced the same issue on Canadian website a few month ago. A website owner invested about $5, 000 in SEO experts but nobody helped. After Google`s July 21 Core Update his structured data has started to show up in the search results and carousel.

    DEVELOPERS.GOOGLE.COMGeneral Structured Data Guidelines | Google Search CentralGeneral Structured Data Guidelines | Google Search Central

  • Melinda Paulsell: Buth Main Thank you for this! I had a consult with an SEO specialist that identified an issue with the rendering but time wouldn’t allow for him to dig deeper. He said there seemed to be a technical issue going on though.

  • Buth Main: Melinda Paulsell Did you use JS framework to create a website (Next.js, React.js)? Anyway I recommend you to check Enhancements report in your Google Search Console. It allows you to know how Google sees your structured data on pages. So, if there is a technical issue, you will see it.

  • Melinda Paulsell: Buth Main No, I use purchased a premium theme (Seasoned pro) so I’m not sure about the JS framework. I would think if it was a theme issue then none of my posts would be eligible for rich results, right? I looked at the enhancements but it didn’t show a issue, yet I definitely have posts that aren’t eligible for rich results. So confusing!

  • Buth Main: Melinda Paulsell Thank you for the detailed information. I don`t think the theme is an issue. Could you send me the link of a post?

  • Melinda Paulsell: Buth Main https://missourigirlhome.com/apple-strudel-braid/I cross posted into another group. Another SEO specialist said the schema is definitely being blocked and believes it may be due to a WP Rocket issue.

    MISSOURIGIRLHOME.COMApple Strudel Braid With Homemade Puff Pastry - Missouri Girl HomeApple Strudel Braid With Homemade Puff Pastry - Missouri Girl Home

  • Buth Main: Melinda Paulsell WP Rocket may have render-blocking issues, but schema markup is not a JS script. It is tags that are added to html code of a web page.Ok, I will check URL. I don`t use third-party SEO tools, so, your server won`t be overloaded and it can`t affect reports in web trecking tool. I think you will get 2-3 visits from Ukraine.

  • Melinda Paulsell: Buth Main Thank you for taking a look!

  • Buth Main: Melinda Paulsell I have see no https://schema.org elements on this page. As you wrote in the previous comments you use Yoast. Yoast add structured data automatically. But Yoast doesn`t add structured data on the page. You can use blocks to add structured data (see the screenshot). You can ask Yoast or hire any specialist who has experience of Yoast settings.

  • Buth Main: Melinda Paulsell Also Yoast added structured data on your home page.

  • Buth Main: Melinda Paulsell As you can see the home page is eligible for rich results (see screenshot). Yoast added structured data on the home page. So you should add structured data to your posts. As I wrote above you can use blocks, when you create/edit posts to add structured data or you can ask Yoast support or to hire an exerienced specialist. Anyway, WP Rocket or JS issues can`t block your structured data. If you have questions don`t hesitate to contact me.

  • Melinda Paulsell: Buth Main Thank you Beth! Aren’t recipe cards structured data? I have those on all of my recipe posts but I don’t believe they are showing up as structured data.

  • Buth Main: Melinda Paulsell You added Organization structured data, not recipe See screenshot https://prnt.sc/1s2gd0f So, you use Organization schema markup for some pages and you don`t use schema markup for other pages. You should check all your pages and try to add recipe schema markup to posts with recipes.Anyway, I like your website and recipes (I am a fan of FoodNetwork shows). I added your site to my list of recipes.


  • Melinda Paulsell: Buth Main Thank you so much! Interesting, I had always assumed the recipe card added recipe schema. So with that said…how does one go about adding recipe schema to a post if the recipe card is not sufficient?

  • Buth Main: Melinda Paulsell Unfortunalely I don`t have an easy answer.There are several options.1. Use RankMath SEO plugin instead of Yoast. RankMath allows users to add recipe schema markup to posts and pages (read this article https://rankmath.com/kb/recipe-schema/)2. You can add recipe schema markup via dedicated WordPress plugin. It is a risky way because plugin conflicts.3. You can add recipe scheme manually (or hire a web developer who can do it).From my experience I`d choose RankMath. Now this plugin is better than Yoast.

    RANKMATH.COMRecipe Schema Type » Rank MathRecipe Schema Type » Rank Math

  • Melinda Paulsell: Buth Main Thank you! I was able to get the original issue resolved and recipes are showing up in Google thankfully. I really appreciate the time you took to answer all of my questions!

  • Buth Main: Melinda Paulsell What was an issue?

  • Buth Main: Melinda Paulsell Now it works. Great!

  • Melinda Paulsell: Buth Main I was advised to turn off the JS execution delayed setting in WP Rocket. Crazy that one thing could cause so many issues. Site speed is still great as well.

  • Buth Main: Melinda Paulsell Thank you. I have never faced this issue. Our project managers don`t recommend to use WP rocket usually, because it can generate many issues, crush pop-ups, video pop-ups, etc. So, I did SEO for two or three sites that use WP Rocket and our developers were fixing some issues.Anyway, I will try to cook ranch white chicken chili. Kind regards.

  • Melinda Paulsell: Buth Main sounds like there are pros and cons to using it for sure! I make that chili every year to feed a crowd on Halloween. So easy and good. Thanks Buth!

  • Buth Main: Melinda Paulsell Thank you again!

  • Muhammad Umar: A website audit will help in this situation.

  • Melinda Paulsell: Muhammad Umar Luckily everything is fixed now and all schema is showing up correctly in Search console.

  • Muhammad Umar: Melinda Paulsell That`s great.

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