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Random date from September keeps showing up

Hello All, I need some advice and help. The meta description on one of my blog pages is showing an old date for over a month now.. The date`s have been turned off for the whole blog and no other page is showing a date except for this one. The page gets updated every 2 weeks but yet a random date from September keeps showing up. I`ve used the meta-date remover plugin but no luck. This old and random date is effecting click through and rankings. Any possible solution to this problem is appreciated, thank you.
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  • David Harry: That`s usually all about crawl budgets/rates. There really no easy way to get Google to crawl it.. U could ping it from somewhere else, or maybe even try deleting the site map in GSC then adding it back...
  • Michael Martinez: The date may affect clicks but it won`t affect rankings. However, that aside, does the "random date from September" appear anywhere in the HTML code of the page? If so, it sounds like there is a hidden DIV or something that doesn`t show on the page in your browser. Sometimes the text snippet in search results includes hidden DIV stuff.
  • Marvin Hernandez: Hi Michael, we are stumped on why this random & old date is showing. It makes no sense on a page that gets updated often but I’ll look into the HTML & DIV you suggested. Appreciate the advice, thank you.

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