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Free hosting and SEO

Hi everyone, I am new to all this so bare with me. I use a progam to build my website that requires no coding ability. My problem is getting it to show up in search engines. I have entered keywords and a description and submitted to Google numerous times but can`t seem to get it indexed. I forward my domain to a free hosting site, could that be the problem. Or am I way out in left field and need to hire a professional? Thanks
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  • Neil Cheesman: What is website url?
  • Jason Knott: Livingalegacybulldogges.com
  • Neil Cheesman: Okay - first off - enter that url into Google and you get a duplicate domain http://livingalegacybulldogges.magix.net/public/ Looks like someone was working on that domain and it has got indexed...
  • Neil Cheesman: Looking at the source code of your website.... There is no content... within an iFrame?
  • Neil Cheesman: If Google or any other search engine cannot see any content on a web page then it isn`t going to like it...
  • Jason Knott: The magic.net is where I forward the domain to and where I upload my site
  • George G.: lol, seo is the least of your problems. go on upwork or somewhere and find someone to make a wordpress site for you with a nicely designed theme and upload it to a real hosting. this ll be about $300 for the site and $5-$10/m for hosting. once you have a REAL site, worry about marketing, seo and traffic in general.
  • Neil Cheesman: I have no idea what content management system you are using to build that - someone else may be able to help - but in a nutshell if you go to the webpage and right click and `view source` there is no content displaying...
  • George G.: yep, what you do now is you iframe all the content from the magix domain in your domain what is actually a backlink to the magix site. You will never get this domain indexed the way it is. If you insist on indexing it, you need to 301 redirect the magix site to your domain. (and include a canonical somewhere in there if that even possible with it.)
  • Peter Mead: It`s worth understanding a little about SEO before trying to do things that could cause you more problems in the long run. https://moz.com/beginners-guide-to-seo
  • Neil Cheesman: and possibly here... https://static.googleusercontent.com/media/www.google.com/en//webmasters/docs/search-engine-optimization-starter-guide.pdf
  • Jason Knott: If I host it through where I have the domain registered and upload my site there will that correct some of the problem?
  • Peter Mead: Not trying to scare you off, but SEO is not just a walk in the park like a lot of folks make it out to be... but you can learn it to be sure.
  • Jason Knott: Thanks for all the input.......looks like I need to do some research
  • Jason Knott: I use xara web designer. I guess that is no good?
  • Neil Cheesman: You could do worse than going here - set up a domain for FREE and play around with it - and also checking out youtube videos on the subject - Wordpress is one of the most popular... https://wordpress.com/
  • Roma Alloui: I second Jim Munro comment. I am also not familiar with xara, however, beside the site speed and not being mobile responsive friendly, I see some on-page SEO issue such as your homepage page title, lack of Heading (H1, H2 and so on) and I am not sure whether search engines will see .xr_s1 and .xr_s2, which I believe that`s how xara labels headings, as headings. I also second the recommendation of Jim Munro of convert your website to a more SEO friendly platform like WordPress or Joomla.

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