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Passing SEO value from the closing store to the remaining store

Hey guys,
So a client has two related businesses but separate store locations/websites. One of those businesses is closing and we want to preserve/save any SEO juice from the closing business and pass it on to the remaining business.
I figure 301 redirecting everything from the closing website and trying to spread the links/redirects across relevant pages to the remaining website, and letting google know (Google My Business, maybe Search Console) that the property is closing should do it.
Am I missing anything?
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Selected answers from the Dumb SEO Questions G+ community.

  • Todd Weise: From a UX perspective. Maybe a message on the destination site indicating the change. You could also do some pre-change messaging on the that is going away that things will change. That preps any future Return visitors with some knowledge for what to expect.
  • David Gaskin: Todd Weise good call
  • Todd Weise: David Gaskin depending on your platform sophistication and/or devs you could even put something on the new target site conditionally based on it being a redirect. It’s just that you’d have to redirect with a querystring value or something to signal to the new site to run the code for that messaging. And also make sure you tell GSC to ignore that querystring
  • Richard Hearne: Todd Weise If they are separate brands you may want to create a new page on retained site related to the old brand. Quite a lot of this advice really depends on the underlying characteristics of the 2 businesses/websites, so you`ll have to objectively decide what`s worth doing based on your situation.
  • Brenda Malone: Don`t forget to keep paying for the domain! Maybe even pay for 5-10 years upfront.
  • David Gaskin: Brenda Malone do you mean the discontinued domain?
  • Pooya Dubash: Don`t forget to update your Gmb with details, helps both Google and the customers

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