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Negative reviews on Yelp

Hi everyone, the wonderful Eren Mckay is a friend of mine and invited me to the group. I`m excited to be here! Thanks for letting me. I have my first `dumb` SEO question for you: A client has mostly good reviews on Yelp but his few bad reviews are showing up first. He believes the negative reviews are costing his business thousands of dollars each month. He contacted Yelp and they were not helpful. Does anyone have any idea what he can do about all the negative reviews, despite them being older than some of the good ones, showing up first?

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  • Micah Fisher-Kirshner: Welcome! I`ve been in that situation before (one time yelp wouldn`t remove a review about wanting to nuke the business, so them removing reviews is a harder battle than going for more reviews). As you are probably aware, you aren`t allowed to directly ask for yelp reviews, and I`m going to assume you aren`t wanting to take that risk. You can, however, highlight that you are on yelp wherever possible to increase the likelihood of getting new good reviews: prominent places in the store, email sent, website logo, thank you letters in boxes, etc.

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