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Implementing review schema

After algo update for rich snippets for reviews by Google. I have this confusion on my mind -

Now, do we need to implement Review Schema through only microdata? Or RDFs? Can we get snippet even when implemented through JSON LD?

Thanks in Advance.

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  • Don Vermeer: They are all the same Just different variants!
  • Abindra Raj Dangol: So you are saying that we can get star reviews in the search result pages even if the reviews schema is implemented through JSON LD when done correctly. is that right?
  • Don Vermeer: That`s the way i do it Deff works!
  • Don Vermeer: Just make sure you take into account the latest Google update about self-referencing reviews. That Google might or might not show it at all.
  • Abindra Raj Dangol: thanks for your time. Can you please elaborate "Self-referencing reviews"? This is what I am confused about. How can Google learn the reviews are self-referencing?
  • Don Vermeer: Dont have the link real quick. But it comes down to having reviews about your site, on your site. It`s pretty new so you can find it on Searchengineland i think
  • Abindra Raj Dangol: Then I need to be more focus on the upcoming news and articles related to this.

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