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Merging 5 different sites into one "mega-site"

I am working with a publishing brand that is going to be doing two big things in the next year.

  1. Merging 5 different sites and brands into one cohesive "mega-site". The big challenge here (outside of tech seo of merging multiple sites into one) is merging different BRANDS
  2. Moving from a subscription model to a digital membership model. With tiers and paywalls.

There are lots of examples out there in terms of publishing sites with paywalls...and lots of examples out there of multi-brand sites...but I don`t know of any that have BOTH.

Definitely not marketing by imitation here, but would love some examples of publishing sites with distinct brands OR distinct categories that also include digital memberships.

Does anyone know of any examples??
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  • Michael Martinez: Patreon? I`m not sure how successful their content creators are but I`m sure they have a few superstars. YouTube also comes to mind.

    In the news industry the model you describe has, in my opinion, proven to be a financial disaster for most companies - judging by the huge numbers of layoffs, closures, and cutbacks in coverage.
  • Sarah Adams: Thanks! I meant existing publishers whose websites have distinct brands AND digital memberships. Maybe something like Reader`s Digest...
  • Michael Martinez: Well, I`m having trouble thinking of any that are stable and growing their market share. For example, Time was sold last year and the new owners have been carving up the empire and selling off the pieces. Maybe someone else can think of a good example for you.
  • Sarah Adams: NP! I was just looking for site architecture examples, not necessarily the membership models themselves. Just looking for inspiration. I can`t think of any good ones either, haha. Thank you!
  • Michael Martinez: Try browsing the Nieman Lab site and AdWeek. Both companies publish a lot of stories about brands and the Internet, including news sites. Nieman Lab is all about journalism, really. Maybe you`ll find some companies to check out there.
  • Sarah Adams: Thank you!!

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