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Emails offering Amazon backlinks (DA 96)

Through my website`s contact form, I`ve been getting emails from link-building services offering "Amazon backlinks (DA 96)" -- saying something akin to "this has nothing to do with whether you sell anything on Amazon or not. We create a page for you and your website will be linked (to) on a dedicated page. This is a very strong do-follow link to your site."

A google search provides little info about this supposed technique. And Amazon`s TOS say you can`t link away from Amazon. So what is this, is there any validity to it?

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  • Michael Martinez: They`re probably making author pages, which would be a violation of Amazon`s TOS. I wouldn`t want to pay for this service. If you want links from Amazon (probably not worth much), upload a few eBooks and create your own Author profile. You can submit an RSS feed. It`s not a big deal.
  • Albert Prano: I was wondering what they were up to - seems a bit sketchy.
  • Perry Bernard: walks like a duck, talks like a duck... it’s not a golden goose.
  • George G.: It could be from an s3 static site. But you can do that easily yourself too.

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