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Earning Google`s rich card


I need help!

I work in a company called Voice123, and we have tons of voice actor profiles. For example --> voice123.com/bryansaint.

I had my engineer set up structured data for all the voice actor profiles so we`d have the chance at earning Google`s rich card when that voice actor`s name is searched.

Is there any way for me to easily check:

1) How my snippet ACTUALLY would appear in Google?

2) If my snippet IS appearing in Google?

Thank you!!!

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  • Michael Stricker: SEMrush offers SERP Feature report for keywords for which Google finds you relevant. AHREFs offers a similar feature. Many answerboxes / rich snippets may be won without special Schema, merely lists and paragraphs. Good luck trying to beat an authoritative speaker’s own Domain for a Knowledge Graph.
  • Jacob Elbaum: Michael Stricker Good point and thank you for your reply! We have many thousands of voice actors and I am sure that some (even the more well known) don`t have websites, such that we could have the opportunity to be featured in the rich snippet. Is there a specific report in AhRefs (my tool of choice) which will provide these details?
  • Jacob Elbaum: Maybe I found it. I went to site explorer --> & did INCLUDE SERP FEATURES & Only Linking to Target. What I am seeing is that there are 2 types of SERP features we`re getting. 1) Image Thumbnails & 2) Featured Snippets. But the featured snippets aren`t really made as `rich cards` in the way that a search for an actor in IMDB is. Hmmm
  • Richard Hearne: I don`t think your schema, as currently set up, will actually produce any meaningful changes in Google`s SERPs. You`re setting the mainEntityOfPage as an MP3 file, and that`s unlikely to do much. I`m not even sure that rich cards will appear when searching an actor`s name, unless perhaps there are multiple recordings to show in a carousel.

    Note also that, for me at least, the description starts with "***IMPORTANT: Voice123 is currently experiencing severe functionality issues. Your messages through their system may not be reaching us. Please contact us directly at bryansaintvoiceover@gmail.com.***" Not really ideal.
  • Jacob Elbaum: Hi I set up the main entity as the MP3 file, since that is the audio sample file that the voice actor has on their profile. How would you suggest changing that?

    And yes, most voice actors have many audio samples. Do you know what would be required to set that up in some kind of carousel? I`m not sure if carousels are able to include multimedia?

    About the description --> Yes, this kills CRO. I have plans to remove that, but it`s in the backlog at the moment. I appreciate your opinion on that.

    Right now when I search google for "bryan saint", I get the result below (check photo). It does give me a featured card with the voice123 link included, but google has randomly populated that card with things unrelated to what I had set up in schema. Is this something I set up incorrectly or just google trying to choose what`s most relevant?

    I guess the biggest confusion I face is `why is is that when you search a famous actor`s name like `dwayne johnson`, for example, is there a huge rich snippet feature with tons of info, whereas with names of these voice actors (some of which are well-known and searched a lot in google), I`ve never seen a similar type of rich snippet`?

    Your help = VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!!
  • Jacob Elbaum: The image

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