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How to get b2b leads for local business, please suggest?

How to get b2b leads for local business, please suggest?
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  • Alan Bleiweiss: Free or paid? Questionable or vetted? A small list or large list? Specific to a business type or demographic type or location, or just any local business?
  • Suv Suvendu: thank you Alan Bleiweiss I need free and paid, a small list specific to a food niche local business
  • Alan Bleiweiss: One of the ways I have obtained such information in the past, was old-school - going to YellowPages site and gathering info that way to start, then looking up web sites, and even getting "Whois" records for some to find the email and contact information. That`s not a "clean" list - sometimes Whois info is for somebody`s cousin or web developer. Yet it`s one example of DIY footwork. Though to be fair, sending unsolicited email is a slippery slope of rules and regulations about spam.
  • Suv Suvendu: great, thank you for the suggestions.

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