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Is this normal in htaccess to have more than one command for one redirect?

Is this normal in htaccess to have more than one command for `one` redirect? to get https:// to https://www

https://exampledomain.com 301 Moved Permanently

http://www.exampledomain.com/ 301 Moved Permanently

https://www.exampledomain.com/ 200 OK

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  • Paul Thompson: No, the redirects aren`t configured correctly. In addition to wasting the unnecessary intermediate redirect, this will likely screw up your analytics tracking too. https://example.com should redirect directly to https://www.example.com without the intermediate step. And http://example.com should redirect to https://example.com before then redirecting to https://www.example.com.
  • Gerry White: Is it normal? Yes it’s very common, is it right, not really... but how much harm is there in it, probably not a huge amount and actually having all those rules is a good thing, it’s often one I choose not to fix in favour of much higher issues

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