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How can I improve on my recent improvements?

WANTED ! (please)




How can i improve on my recent improvements ? What should i do next ? What am i doing wrong ? All help and replies are truly appreciated. Thank you .


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  • Maria Patterson: Firstly I adore good abstract art. I would get the site on https everywhere. Read this article https://searchengineland.com/effective-july-2018-googles-chrome-browser-will-mark-non-https-sites-as-not-secure-291623 and what keyword research have you done thus far? Check your speed and mobile friendliness with Google testers too. Get some good quality content pages up and start with an about us page.
  • Craig Anthony: Hmmm....i have considered https...but i am too scared to dip my feet in that water. It seems there is much to change , for not a great deal of gain . What are your thoughts on my uneducated opinion ? I feel i have done good keywrd research. But once again....i am far from an expert in this field. Speed is good ( i think ) and general scores are good also. Thank you for the info and the article - i will take a read now . Sincere thanks Maria Patterson
  • Michael Martinez: I`m not a big fan of slideshows myself, especially when they move that fast. I have chronic vertigo and your site is a little bit dizzying for me. I can only guess what it`s like for other people with vertigo, but I imagine most would not appreciate it. If you can slow the timing on the slideshow that will help.
  • Craig Anthony: Interesting points raised michael. Thank you for them

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