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How should I master keyword research?

Hi everyone i am newbee in keyword research and the tool i use for it is ad worlds keyword planner.So if i am searching for keywords for just the main page "best marketing company india" then this is the google autocomplete suggestion and the second is ad worlds planner result .So the problem i am facing while doing keyword research is if this results showed 0 in keyword planner but 5 results with google autocomplete whats words should I choose and i should give "5"final keywords for one page or more than that Also If the keyword should have more than 50000 searches in keyword planner it should be avoided .How should i master keyword research?
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  • Dave Elliott: Keyword planner really isn`t accurate unless you have AdWords campaigns running. Semrush or moz keyword explorer are better options if you need volume and don`t have any ppc campaigns.
  • Adam John Humphreys: Keyword planner is based on averages and rounded off. The numbers are quite off so while that might not be a terrible keyword it`s not high volume. SEO India isn`t searched for it finds you 😄
  • Varun Kumar Riat: ok got it will use some other tool :)
  • Nathan Veenstra: You might want to watch this: https://moz.com/blog/unreliable-google-adwords-keyword-volume
  • Varun Kumar Riat: ok will do so
  • Ash Nallawalla: You should step back a bit and choose a good seed keyword as a starting point. Then look at the suggestions for even better seed keywords.

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