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Dip in the traffic after migrated to https

We have migrated to https recently. I know there are mixed feelings on if there will be a dip in the traffic in the interim, some say there will be a dip for a while before it comes back and others have not seen any dip after the change.

We have a lot of backlinks and I’m assuming that maybe the link-juice flow from the backlinks is taking time. We had a 20% dip and it’s been 15-20 days and slowly we are seeing it go down a little bit.

Is there anything that we need to do to get the backlinks link juice regain back the links strength. Has anyone had this problem and tried anything to speed up things?

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  • Cody Sharp: The first thing I would do is just absolutely confirm that the https transition was set up correctly. Then I would do a site:www.domain.com search on Google using the http version of your website. Anything come up? If so, Google still has the old version of the website indexed and they will probably work it out over time. Then I would check Google Search Console (the one set up with the new https version and the old one for the http site) and see if there are any weird crawl errors. I`ve done a bunch of these transitions and haven`t noticed too many declines in search traffic but mileage may vary.
  • Richard Hearne: The details of the migration would be helpful. What practices did you follow? How big is your site?
  • Gerry White: Mmmm can you share the URL? TBH when we’ve done the migrations on big clients, no issues, wondering if it’s something else? I’ve notes and a trello checklist at https://www.takeitoffline.co.uk/https
  • Mal Ö Tonge: Canonical to your preferred version is the correct way to go, This will keep the backlink juice going. Keep an eye on your referrals and contact them to update the backlinks to point to the preferred url.

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