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How do I initially start promotion as a SEO?


If I have to choose one platform for e-commerce website, then which will be the best for SEO and related things.... also tell me about url structure as well.

1)An how do I initially start promotion as a SEO?
2) It is much difficult to update product`s description, so can I take the product description from the manufacturer?
3) Is it ok to take back-link from one domain for different landing pages of same website?
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  • Jim Munro: Others will probably disagree but I don`t think there`s any package on the market worth buying for the way SEO is handled. If you want to do it properly and stand out from the crowd, consider building your own cms. googlebot doesn`t care about coding but you should pay close attention to the way your platform loads products and displays data.1) ???2) Write your own descriptions or at least adapt and enhance manufacturer`s descriptions.3) Beware of buying links unless they are marked "nofollow". Everything is safe for only as long as it remains below the radar.

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