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Canonical Dilemma

For an eshop that has categories with the set up page "1, 2, ...5, view all" format. I know Google says that "view all" page should be the canonical in the series but I don`t want to point this page as canonical because it contains too many products and has a slow loading time so it gives bad user experience. So how I implement rel next, rel prev?

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  • Michael Martinez: What software or platform are you using?
  • Makis Cris: custom CMS unfortunately.
  • Michael Martinez: Well, you should review this page to be sure of what you need to do. If you control the CMS you have the ability to modify code in the HEAD section. If you pay someone to maintain the code then point them to the right section. https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/1663744?hl=en
  • Travis Bailey: Sounds like you should address the slow load time. Then follow best practice. Image optimization is often overlooked, and pretty easy to do in batch(es). You may also want to look into the server, or DNS failing that.
  • Michael Martinez: As Travis Bailey suggests, work on speeding up the page experience. Many companies don`t use thumbnail images in their product listings. You can speed up page loading and rendering by adding thumbnails on large gallery pages. Also, specify HEIGHT and WIDTH attributes (in the HTML code) so the browser can quickly lay out the page correctly before it loads the images. You don`t have to do it all at once. Just start with the most important gallery and work on that, moving down the list in priority order. You can also try to implement lazy loading images. https://developers.google.com/.../lazy.../images-and-video/
  • Makis Cris: The thing is I cant a find a single topic addressing the view all issue. I can implement rel next rel prev correctly on all the other pages but what I put on view all page? nothing?
  • Michael Martinez: This is from 2011 but so far as I can recall Google hasn`t changed much. Their advice then was to do nothing. https://webmasters.googleblog.com/.../view-all-in-search...
  • Travis Bailey: Start with "image optimization". Regardless of how obscure the platform, someone has already done it, and likely, wrote about it.

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