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Google search behaviour

Could someone shine some light on why if I do a Google site search of my website I get results but when I do a normal google search for one of the pages using the keywords it doesn`t. Even though there is only 2 pages of results?
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  • Calvyn Lee: altho page is index, but the keyword might not in the top 100 result. You can try using tools like serprobot to check it.
  • Darren Andrew Johnson: But if there are only 2 pages of results then surely I should be there somewhere or am I missing something
  • Ash Nallawalla: A site: search tells you the URLs known to Google. It does not mean they were indexed.
  • Dahlian R. Lamy: Ash Nallawalla, this is not quite true. A URL will only show up is a site: search if it is already in Google`s index.… See more
  • Ash Nallawalla: Dahlian R. Lamy No. I know this as a fact. Even Google agrees with me https://developers.google.com/.../search.../all-search-site
  • Ash Nallawalla: https://www.urlinspector.com/.../google-site-command-broken/
  • Dahlian R. Lamy: Thanks for the insight, Ash!
  • Helmut Berié: Google will only show results it believes to be good enough to get a click for a particular kw. Your page isn`t good enough (for that kw) in that regard
  • Bill Hartzer: When you do a site search it’s hitting a different database, not the live google search database.
  • Rayhan Alam: Your content might not be optimized for SEO
  • Pavi Nan: send me the list of url i will let you to know if those page rank enough for google or not
  • Anthony Simons: Have you checked the position of this page relative to the keyword?
  • Darren Andrew Johnson: Yeah it doesn`t rank for the keywords at all. I`ll be honest I haven`t done seo for years and after watching video after video I`m seeing where I`ve possibly gone wrong.
  • Michael Martinez: Any information Google returns in a "site:" search comes from its index. It`s not going to magically show you information information it doesn`t have.But a "site:" search isn`t necessarily going to show you everything Google knows about.If a page doesn`t appear in a normal search, that means it wasn`t selected by the algorithms as relevant or useful for that query. It doesn`t mean the page is not indexed.

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